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  • Water treatment systems

    Water treatment systems (also zero liquid discharge systems) and process water preparation systems (primary)

    Water is an increasingly precious resource and an important element for all processes and therefore, it must be treated while, at the same time, respecting the environment. For this reason, our water treatment systems have been designed to achieve the best possible results, achieving ultrapure water while taking up the least amount of space possible. We can provide continuous discharge, discontinuous discharge as well as zero liquid discharge systems.

    We produce physical-chemical systems, water purifying units, primary water treatment systems, Reverse Osmosis systems, vacuum evaporators, ultrafiltration systems.

    The quality of our technology enables us to install systems that comply with standards of acceptability currently in force in European countries as well as PDK standards imposed by laws in force in Eastern European countries.

    Each system is accompanied by all the necessary documentation in order to obtain the health authorisation permits as well as all the instructions to enable its proper management and maintenance. Moreover, it is possible to carry out 24-hour remote monitoring to avoid unauthorised spillages.