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  • Used and reconditioned systems and equipment

    Used and reconditioned systems

    We recondition used systems for all type of treatment, providing both galvanising and water treatment systems with a guarantee equal to that of new systems, by replacing critical parts or components that are no longer produced, testing them for several hours in our plants prior to their despatch.

    New and used galvanising equipment

    We have all kinds of galvanising and water treatment equipment produced by all manufacturers available at competitive prices, galvanic frames, filter pumps, titanium baskets, rectifiers, overhead travelling cranes, extraction systems, dry air blowers, filter presses, metering pumps, switchboards and PLCs for treatment management.

    Upon request installations are also carried out. All new and used equipment is guaranteed.
    We can collect decommissioned galvanising systems and equipment.

    Machines to prepare metals for treatment

    A properly-performed galvanising treatment can be achieved especially if the base metal has been well-prepared.

    For this reason, we recommend and provide both new and used hot and cold metal forming machines.
    Metal polishing machines, vibratory finishing machine, solvent and detergent washing machines as well as systems and machines to package the items following the performance of galvanising treatments.