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  • Via Baccanello, 1/C – 24030 Terno d’Isola (BG) – ITALY
  • +39 035 3097388
  • GalvaBrembo: designs and manufactures.

    GalvaBrembo designs and manufactures galvanic treatment and water treatment systems.

    GalvaBrembo has 30 years’ experience in this sector and its personnel make it possible to provide systems with turnkey solutions, starting from the design phase, then passing onto the construction phase, to the assembly phase and finally, onto the personnel training phase also from a chemical viewpoint.
    GalvaBrembo technicians can also help companies who have never used galvanic systems before to start their business in this field.
    All-round services are provided, ranging between consultancy services relating to the treatments, the preparation of metals prior to undergoing the galvanic treatment, right up to the establishment of test laboratories.
    GalvaBrembo exports systems and machines worldwide and its financial stability enables it to produce systems using its own resources.

    GalvaBrembo works in all sectors where galvanic plating as well as the protection of metals and plastics are required.